Fields of application

Rolling mills, smelting plants and steelworks


In extrusion casting line for: ingot, bloom, beam-blank and billet plants

Ranges of dimensions

AD min.: 130 mm, max.: 450 mm, ID min.: 60 mm, max.: 350 mm, max. cast weight: 600 kg, max. length: 2,210 mm


Guide rollers for all parts of extrusion casting lines, with or without internal cooling, in mono-cast or combined (bi-metal) configuration

Special requirements of the materials used

Depending on segment: high resistance to corrosion, high wear-resistance, heat-resistance, resistance to thermal fatigue and good welding properties

Material groups

Austenite, martensite, duplex, composite casting (bi-metal)


1.4569, 1.4317 (1.4313), 1.4470 (1.4462), KVG "X"

* Materials listed in italics are those that consist of our material-matched forged alloys