High Performance Key Components for Decanters

High Performance Key Components for Decanters

Decanter & separation technology


Pharmaceutical industry, biotech sector, treatment of liquid sewage and paint slurry, preparation of cooling emulsions, plastics recycling, food industry

Ranges of dimensions

  • Outer diameter: min.: 50 mm, max.: 1,500 mm
  • Inner diameter: min. 25 mm
  • Maximal cast weight: 3.3 t
  • Maximal cast length: 5 m
  • Maximal length: 8 m (welded construction)


Conical and cylindrical drum casings, worm-feed assemblies and components, seal covers, bulkheads, seal mountings, tubes, bushings, rings

Special requirements of the materials used

Depending on application: extreme toughness, high corrosion-resistance, high wear-resistance, good welding properties

Material groups

Duplex steels (standard duplex, lean duplex, high-carbon duplex, super duplex), austenitic, nickel-based alloys


1.4470 ( 1.4462 ), 1.4463, 1.4408 ( 1.4401 ), 1.4409 ( 1.4306 ), 1.4308 ( 1.4301 ), 1.4309 ( 1.4306 ), 1.4392 ( 1.4362 ), 1.4469 ( 1.4410 ), J93371 ( 1.4460 ), 1.4468, 2.4836, N26022, N24135, 1.4581 ( 1.4571, 1.4580 )*

* Materials listed in italics are those that consist of our material-matched forged alloys

We would be pleased to answer your questions on the subjects of stainless steel casting, centrifugal casting and composite casting, along with the machining of stainless steel and the manufacture of components to your own precise specifications, including items for decanter construction, shipbuilding, engine manufacture and much else besides.

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