Kuhn Special Steel

High Performance Key Components

Kuhn Special Steel is a world-class supplier of high-quality, stainless-steel components. Ever since 1960, this family-run company based in the German region called Bergisches Land, has been specialised in the production of rotationally-symmetric, centrifugal castings made to individual customer-specifications.

Work anniversaries at Kuhn Special Steel

This year, 23 employees are celebrating at least their tenth work anniversary. Continue reading

Kuhn Special Steel

High Performance Key Components

We are the development partner to our customers for highly complex components, which have to meet the highest demands in terms of materials, geometry and finishing. We offer everything under one roof, from initial development to finished product!

Fields of application of our products

Flexibility knows no limits.

The materials of Kuhn Special Steel are as versatile as the areas of application. We carry out research and development work designed to ensure the maximum quality of our components, and their ability to withstand any mechanical, physical or chemical challenge.

Operating efficiency based on centrifugal castings

Quality that pays for itself.

Kuhn Special Steel manufactures exclusively with the centrifugal casting process. Not only does this guarantee maximum purity, and therefore better mechanical properties with respect to static castings, the resulting material also costs considerably less than a forged equivalent.


Kuhn Direct Blog

  • HR 7/10/2020

    Work anniversaries at Kuhn Special Steel

    This year, 23 employees are celebrating at least their tenth work anniversary. Continue reading

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    Start the day with a bite

    For many people it is a morning ritual: a bowl of cornflakes. Every German eats about one kilo of the crunchy flakes a year. Some enjoy them with milk, some swear by yoghurt, some others soak them in juice and others bite into the undiluted flakes. But what are cornflakes actually made of? How are they made and what role does Kuhn Special Steel play in this? Continue reading

  • HR 9/9/2020

    Our 2020 training year starts with ten new apprentices

    Ten apprentices started a new phase of their lives on 17 August 2020 with their first day of training at our company. Continue reading

We would be pleased to answer your questions on the subjects of stainless steel casting, centrifugal casting and composite casting, along with the machining of stainless steel and the manufacture of components to your own precise specifications, including items for decanter construction, shipbuilding, engine manufacture and much else besides.

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