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Our Brand

Our Brand

Kuhn Edelstahl – High Performance Key Components

This claim describes where our priorities lie: We are the development partner to our customers for highly complex components, which have to meet the highest demands in terms of materials, geometry and finishing. Our parts end up as the centrepiece in a machine or installation – a huge responsibility, a great motivation!

In our efforts to fulfil our responsibilities, we have defined values that are designed to guide our day-to-day thoughts and actions. We have developed them jointly in a process lasting several months, and have identified three brand values that distinguish us.


We do not have a long line of communication but short decision-making routes and we are very well networked with our customers – across the continents. We work in partnership and find tailored solutions, which we strictly adhere to.


For us, being committed means being forceful and also going the extra mile for the success of our customers, and for this we can also be creative lateral thinkers. The main thing is, we always keep a steady eye on the objective. Especially for solving problems, we all pull together.


We know exactly why we do something. Our joint specialist knowledge and wide range of skills therefore lead to reliable solutions. We are the absolute specialist in materials engineering, centrifugal casting and finishing. Why? Because we have over half a century of experience in 40 industries, place top priority on training and development and prepare for tomorrow with curiosity.

Brand values do not just describe who we are; they also define our aims. Discussion workshops and information events help us in this respect to turn our brand commitments into actual deeds, as we move forward together in the right direction. This allows us to learn a lot, and to become aware of how every employee has the same objective: to deliver high-performance key components that are designed both for and with our customers.

We would be pleased to answer your questions on the subjects of stainless steel casting, centrifugal casting and composite casting, along with the machining of stainless steel and the manufacture of components to your own precise specifications, including items for decanter construction, shipbuilding, engine manufacture and much else besides.

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